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[tutorial] Ps3 (Tips to prevent freezing on RPC)

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on Sat Oct 11, 2014 2:10 pm


Site Developer
Site Developer
There has been a lot of people asking for tips on what can prevent freezing for and when using RPC in general. I've compiled some tips and information below: 

  • Do NOT click an option on an RPC tool more then once at a time. Some users decide to click the button a few times in the hope of the mod applying faster. This will cause the RPC to freeze the console.

  • Do NOT continue using a tool that has persistent freezing or has framework issues. Examples include; the tool freezing the console by itself, immediate freeze when enabling RPC or consistent 'Not responding' messages.

  • Do NOT use a cash drop option more then a few times within around 5 minutes. The game was not designed to be invoked remotely so remember not to select certain 'heavy load' options more then a few times.

  • Do NOT enable access to North Yankton and then decide to enable all other options on the tool. From recent research, North Yankton being active causes long-term freezing when using an RPC generally. Again, the game was not built for this.

Some console-related factors to consider:

  • What CCAPI version are you using? Ensure it is updated to the latest version as attaching to the games process is reliant on CCAPI itself and not only the tool.

  • Are you using a widely known tool? Some tools can be built upon a bad framework (most likely stolen from another modder) and thrown into a program. Badly written tools can contribute to persistent freezing.

  • What firmware version are you using? Believe it or not, using an old firmware version (typically lower then 4.55) can cause issues with modding a process in real time. Rogero 4.55 is stable and is compatible with CCAPI.

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