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[CallofDuty] 1Austin112's All COD RTM Tool 1.15 Ghost Antiban

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on Wed Sep 03, 2014 4:21 pm


Site Developer
Site Developer
Hello all...

The past week i have been working on a massive tool for all the call of duty's and planned from the start for it to be one of the better and biggest tools out right now(that stays updated as i see all cod tools don't get updated anymore) I plan on Keeping this tool updated all the time and whenever there is an update, i will have it updated within 24 hours normally

If there are any bugs or problems, please contact me and let me know and i will get it taken care of, also if there is anything you want to see in a future update, drop me a pm

Skype: ohioboy15_psn

Updated GTA to 1.16
Added All perks non host option bo1
Fixed Antiban
Added Support to add all perks as specialist on classes 1-6 on first soldier
Added support for fake derank / spoofing of level and prestiges on all cods besides ghosts
Added Ip Grabber(note, in beta stage)
Ghosts bug fixes with non host mods
Added Glow players non host
Black ops 1 bug fixes
Some attachment errors

Download Link:1Austin112's All COD RTM Tool 1.15 Ghost Antiban

Virus Scan: 2/54 False Detection

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